Monroe County YMCA Aerials

Due to limited staffing, we are unfortunately unable to continue our Aerials Competitive Gymnastics Team. The team’s last meet will be Saturday, Feb. 8. Thank you to all of the participants of the team, and congratulations on all of your successes throughout the years!

Competitive Gymnastics Team

The YMCA Aerials Competitive team is the ONLY YMCA Competitive team in the state of Indiana! We’ve gone to Y Nationals the past two years, and in total, we’ve had five National Individual Event Champions, along with many other team and individual awards through the years.

Our team philosophy is that the gymnasts own their own gymnastics. This is their sport. However, they also have to be realistic about their goals and goal setting while they determine how much work they put into their training. If you would like more information about our team program and flexible practice schedule, contact Gymnastics Coordinator, Michelle Stroud, for more information.

Our Mission

Giving Ownership of the Sport Back to the Gymnast:

It is our mission to allow multi-sport athletes to continue in the sport of gymnastics. We require less gym time, allowing athletes and their families to determine how much time they spend in the gym each week. While our coaches determine the level that our gymnasts will compete each season, our gymnasts provide the work ethic. Guided by our team coaches, our athletes are coached with the philosophy that this is “their gymnastics.” We will provide the coaching, spotting, guidance, and confidence building. They must come to practice ready to focus, and work hard while they are here. Whether your daughter is a multi-sport athlete, or gymnastics is her primary focus, we welcome you to visit us to decide if our team is the right fit for your family.

Monroe County YMCA Competitive Gymnastics Team Assessment (Aerials)

If your child missed assessments and is interested in our competitive team, please contact Michelle Stroud at for more information.

Aerials Parent Packet